Jubel im neuen NEOLYMP Lager

Moving to new warehouse

No pain, no gain. (Quote from Hesiod) – this saying applies to us too! And so we had to work really hard to get all our yoga and fitness mats as well as the many different therapy bands to our new warehouse in Irxleben.

We have been looking forward to it for a long time and the time has finally come: We have been able to move into a new warehouse near Magdeburg! Now we have more space, a higher number of parking spaces and better connections so that we can deliver your orders to you even more effectively. Our office and headquarters are of course still in Berlin, but we have expanded here too. We would also like to warmly welcome three new employees! They will help us to better inform you about our fitness products and answer your questions.

Check out our range from time to time! We will soon be filling the new area with more exciting sports products.

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