Pull Up Bands PB210Pull Up Bands PB210

Pull Up Bands PB210

From CHF 14.95
Mini ribbons set MB310Mini ribbons set MB310

Mini ribbons set MB310

From CHF 9.95
Fitness Mat FM320Fitness Mat FM320

Fitness Mat FM320

Ab CHF 29.95
Pull-up bar for doors PUB210Pull-up bar for doors PUB210

Pull-up bar for doors PUB210

CHF 59.95CHF 79.95
Acupressure Mat AM210Acupressure Mat AM210

Acupressure Mat AM210

CHF 59.95CHF 79.95
Heavy Resistance Bands HRB320Heavy Resistance Bands HRB320

Heavy Resistance Bands HRB320

From CHF 14.95
Neoprene Dumbbell ND210 1-10KGNeoprene Dumbbell ND210 1-10KG

Neoprene Dumbbell ND210 1-10KG

Ab CHF 19.95
Yoga mat YM210Yoga mat YM210

Yoga mat YM210

CHF 29.95CHF 39.95
Kettlebell KB210 2–28KGKettlebell KB210 2–28KG

Kettlebell KB210 2–28KG

Ab CHF 16.95
Combination Dumbbell CD210 30KGCombination Dumbbell CD210 30KG

Combination Dumbbell CD210 30KG

From CHF 99.95
Professional Sports Floor SF210Professional Sports Floor SF210

Professional Sports Floor SF210

Ab CHF 29.95
Skipping Rope SR210Skipping Rope SR210

Skipping Rope SR210

Ab CHF 14.95
Olympic Bar OB210Olympic Bar OB210

Olympic Bar OB210

CHF 239.95
Bumper Plates BPL210 5–25KGBumper Plates BPL210 5–25KG

Bumper Plates BPL210 5–25KG

Ab CHF 49.95
SZ bar SZD210SZ bar SZD210

SZ bar SZD210

CHF 119.95
Pull-up bar for the wall PUB320Pull-up bar for the wall PUB320

Pull-up bar for the wall PUB320

CHF 69.95CHF 79.95
BH210 Handle extension for bandsBH210 Handle extension for bands

BH210 Handle extension for bands

CHF 19.95CHF 24.95
Bands Bundle SBAB210Bands Bundle SBAB210

Bands Bundle SBAB210

Ab CHF 59.95
Ab Wheel AW320Ab Wheel AW320

Ab Wheel AW320

CHF 15.95CHF 24.95
Balance Pad BP210 | B-StockBalance Pad BP210 | B-Stock

Balance Pad BP210 | B-Stock

CHF 19.95

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