Advent season

When exactly did this happen? Where on earth did this year go? Just a blink of an eye and the 2021 chapter will be over. Before that, of course, there's Christmas, which is a holiday we don't miss out on either. Did you take advantage of our mega Black Friday deals to pick up a few more Christmas gifts?

But with us you could not only save money, no, because since December 01 you can even win daily with us. Namely in the NEOLYMP advent calendar on our Instagram channel. Take a look, join in and win a giveaway. We draw a winner every day.

And today, 06.12.2021, we are giving away two fitness mats! So it's worth it twice to stop by.

NEOLYMP Adventskalender Türchen Nr. 6

NEOLYMP Adventskalender Türchen Nr. 6

In the next few days will follow a blog post in which you will find a few promising recipes for the pre-Christmas season. The cookies are waiting for you. And a slightly healthier version, so that the sins are a little more compatible with your conscience. ;) Don't worry, the recipes were previously baked by us, subjected to a demanding taste test and found to be delicious.


Header photo courtesy of Annie Spratt | Unsplash

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