Verschiedene Fitnessbänder

An overview of our fitness bands

Fitness bands come in a wide variety of designs. Not only the material makes a difference, but also for the form and application varies. The names of some manufacturers do not always directly indicate what the fitness bands are designed for. A Fit Loop Pro or just Theraband unfortunately does not reveal much about its nature or application. We would like to introduce you to a selection of the most popular types of fitness bands and, of course, the appropriate NEOLYMP fitness band


Mini bands

These fitness bands are closed loops and are characterized by their short length. They are also called loop bands, resistance bands or more generally theraband. They are mainly used for aerobic exercises. Very many exercises can be made more difficult with a mini-band, with which you will experience a more intense workout.
As with almost all types of fitness bands, mini bands are made of different materials. Latex or rubber bands are sometimes just called Rubber Bands.

When it comes to mini bands, NEOLYMP relies on a sustainable cotton synthetic fabric. This combines a pleasant feeling on the skin with high slip resistance - even during sweaty exercises. Of course, they are machine-washable and come as a set in a practical carrying bag. In addition, you will receive a free e-book with your purchase, which gives you over 100 exercises and further tips for training with the NEOLYMP mini bands.


Pull-up bands

These fitness bands, which are also closed, are longer than mini bands, so they can be used for many exercises that replace gym equipment. For these, you often need an anchor point at floor level or above your head, for example, on a pull-up bar. They also get their name from their particular ability to facilitate pull-ups by attaching one end to the pull-up bar and climbing into the other end with your leg. Nevertheless, sometimes they are simply called resistance band, resistance band, or strength band.
With such intensive use, a sturdy material is especially important so as not to wear out. In order for fitness bands made of pure plastic or rubber to achieve just that, they are often very thick and this leads to very stiff fitness bands, which are uncomfortable to hold.

NEOLYMP Pull Up bands, on the other hand, are made of a high-quality cotton/plastic fabric and therefore offer both advantages: A lasting pleasant feeling on the skin and high durability. They remain non-slip in the long term.


Heavy Resistance Bands

If you were wondering what the difference is between pull-up bands and heavy resistance bands, we are happy to answer this question. It is not only the material that differs. In fact, the increased resistance is what distinguishes these types of bands. No pull-up band is as resistant as a heavy resistance band.
Whether used in the gym as a supplement, for physical therapy, or for your bodyweight workouts at home, these bands will maximize your training effect. Heavy resistance bands are mainly made of latex, because only this material guarantees such a high resistance, in combination with a pleasant feel and the extraordinary durability.

Our Heavy Resistance Bands reach a resistance of 1,5 kg up to an unprecedented 100 kg and are made of environmentally friendly natural latex. You can use them, just like our pull-up bands, as a supplement for your pull-up bar or they can be used for various bodyweight exercises. These bands are also available individually or as a set and are delivered in a practical storage and transport bag.




A flatband is wider than ordinary resistance bands. Beginners will find this a good introduction to their workout, but also advanced users can intensify their workout with the help of these bands. This band expands your back, abdominal, butt and arm workouts. It is also ideal for warming up your muscles (warm-up), for use in pregnancy and physiotherapy and also as an aerobic band. From this list you can quickly see that it is versatile and can be used individually.
These flatbands, unlike all the previously mentioned bands, are not closed and therefore allow a whole new training experience, where you adjust the resistance yourself!

We at NEOLYMP offer three different resistances in a length of 2 meters and a width of 15 cm. Also for this product we have chosen high quality natural latex to make our bands as durable and resilient as possible. We also deliver our flatbands in a practical carrying bag, so that nothing stands in the way of transporting them for your indoor and outdoor workouts.


Yoga belts

Yoga belts or bands, unlike most other fitness bands, are rigid, not stretchy and open. There are often loops at their ends, although in good designs these are freely adjustable. They are used to stabilize or simplify some yoga exercises or asanas. Specially designed exercises are often used for stretching. This is exactly why it is important that yoga straps are not stretchable.

NEOLYMP developed, together with yoga teachers, our own yoga belt. We make it from pure organic cotton and finish it with sturdy metal buckles, guaranteeing you a comfortable skin feel and stability for your next flow. Our yoga belt is delivered to your home with a door anchor and a small carrying bag.

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