Bumper Plates vs. Hantelscheiben aus Gusseisen | Wo liegt der Unterschied?

Bumper Plates vs. Cast Iron Weight Plates | What is the difference?

This question we try to clarify with you here. We would like to offer you a kind of assistance, if the benefit of bumper plates was still unclear to you.

Let's start with the nature of bumper plates. What makes these weight plates so special? We would answer this question with "material and size". We are talking about solid rubber weight plates, wrapped in a Longlife High Performance vinyl film, for a perfect finish, with a rather large diameter of 45 cm.

The texture of cast iron weights? Hang on a sec, we'll quickly look that up for you... ;-). I think this question is self-explanatory.

In essence, we find five major differences between cast iron weight plates and bumper plates:

  1. The grip: A definite plus for cast iron plates, as they are much easier to grip and release from the weight rack or squat rack. With Bumper Plates this is already somewhat more difficult, this is of course still possible.
  2. The diameter: Here the Bumper Plates emerge as a winner. He is crucial for the training quality and the execution of various exercises. In the deadlift, for example, the pressure in the lower back is reduced due to the larger diameter of the Bumper Plates.
  3. The drop: Bumper Plates can be thrown, quite unlike cast iron weight plates. A drop of these discs from a height of one meter can be controlled and without problems.
  4. The noise absorption: the material as well as the special coating of the Bumper Plates provides thereby for a strongly reduced noise level. Cast iron weight plates bounce and generate, on the other hand, a lot of noise, it reverberates longer and they often damage the floor. We recommend not to drop dumbbell bars with cast iron plates. It's best to also get our NEOLYMP Professional Sports Floor, so that your floor is really perfectly protected.
  5. The denomination: yes, the weight intervals are much smaller with cast iron weight plates. Thus, the weights can be pieced much more freely and individually. Nevertheless, a significant advantage arises with Bumper Plates. You can also put much more weight on a smaller contact surface due to the much heavier weights.

Reading through these five points, you realize that there are still other differences to consider. Each athlete pursues different goals, prefers different training approaches and lives out his athletic daily routine differently. Bumper plates don't suit every athlete, and cast iron weights don't suit everyone. Which athlete do you count yourself as?

Here you'll find our bumper plates.

NEOLYMP Bumper Plates

And here you go to our iron weights.

NEOLYMP Iron Weights

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