Dein Plus fürs Hanteltraining

Your plus for weight training

WE ARE EXCITED! Why? Because we are extremely excited about your feedback on our new products.

In the past few weeks we have put a lot of effort into offering an even greater variety. Have you noticed that we have now added a separate dumbbell category to our website? We have had so much growth that it was definitely time. Bumper Plates, Chrome Dumbbell Bars, SZ Bars, Olympic Bars, Squat Racks, Trap Bars and more. Stop by and look for your new favorite right now!

And now we'll tell you our highlight: Sometimes a combination dumbbell has also moved into the store. Hereby you have a dumbbell and a barbell in one product. It can be easily adapted to your needs and will effectively support your training.

Mann hält NEOLYMP Olympiastange in den Händen

NEOLYMP Squat Rack


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