Exklusives Hanteltraining

Exclusive weight training

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A dumbbell workout has it all. If you have never trained with weights before or if you haven't trained with weights for a long time, you should definitely start slowly and with reduced weight. For all women who are just starting out, we recommend starting with one to two kilos at the most. That doesn't sound like much at first, but you'll soon realize that this training is also worth it. The men among us can choose heavier weights, depending on their fitness.

But as soon as you have the feeling that everything is now going easily, you should definitely go for heavier weights. This is the only way to keep the results noticeable. If it becomes too easy - increase. A simple but incredibly promising principle. Do you already have ideas what you can do with your new dumbbells? Just in case, here are a few variations.

Clean execution is important to prevent strain and injury. Perform each exercise in a controlled manner with the help of your breathing and do not use any momentum at all. Always perform guided movements without loss of control.

Our recommendation to get started: 3 sets of 15 repetitions.

Feel free to increase by one repetition with each workout. But the following applies: If you manage less than 15 repetitions, the weight is currently still too heavy - if you manage more, it is too light.

Bizeps Curls

Take your dumbbells in your hands, turn your palms forward and keep your arms close to your body. Your legs are in a stable stride position, with your back foot resting on your toes and your front foot resting completely on the floor. Your back is completely straight, your spine is extended and your abdominal muscles are tense. Actively pull your shoulders back. Now slowly and in a controlled manner lift your dumbbells with an exhalation. In this exercise only the forearms move above the elbow joint. Bring them close to your shoulders and lower them with an inhalation until your arms are almost straight again. You will change the stride position with each set.

Target muscles: biceps, arm flexors

Young woman performing biceps curl

Hammer Curls

To do this, once again choose a stable stride position, take the dumbbells in both hands and hold them next to your torso, your arms are very slightly bent. This time your palms face each other in a neutral grip, thumbs pointing up. Actively pull your shoulders back and watch your abdominal tension. Now slowly raise your dumbbells in a controlled manner with an exhalation. In this exercise again only the forearms move above the elbow joint. Bring them close to your shoulders and lower them with the inhalation until your arms are almost straight again. Change the step position with each set.

Target muscles: biceps, arm flexors, upper arm spokes muscle

Lateral raise

Choose a stable stance with your feet about shoulder-width apart. Hold a dumbbell in each hand next to your torso in a neutral grip (palms facing each other). Your spine is straight and your shoulders are actively pulled back. Your arms are nearly extended (slightly bent), pay attention to your abdominal tension. Now, with your exhalation, slowly raise your dumbbells to the side until they are horizontal. Keep your shoulders pulled back at all times. Then, with a controlled exhalation, bring the dumbbells back to your thighs.

Target muscles: medial deltoid muscle

Strong man doing side raises with dumbbells

Tip: Train your arms separately if the parallel variation is still too much for you. Concentrate on one arm at a time and then simply switch sides.

These are just three of the many different ways to use the dumbbells effectively. You can also combine many exercises with leg, abdominal or pot training. The main thing is that you have fun with your workout!
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