Klimmzüge für Zuhause

Pull-ups for home

The new NEOLYMP-Klimmzugstange is here and you can use it everywhere for your pull-up workout! It is characterized by its particularly simple and screw-free installation, as well as its clever design. You can easily store the pull-up bar in a small corner or in your closet.

Pull-ups are one of the best fitness exercises of all and train almost the entire upper body. Mainly the broad back muscle, the lower fibers of the hood muscle, the large and small rhomboid muscle and the large round muscle are addressed. Supporting the back extensor, biceps, arm flexor, and the upper arm spokes muscle are used. The pull-up bar can also be used for different variations of pull-ups to specifically target certain muscle groups.

The pull up bar's sturdy back hooks can be retracted and locked to allow the unit to reach a maximum height of 5 inches. To hang the pull up bar, all you have to do is fold the back hooks outward.

Man training on pull up bar

The pull-up bar is made of a powder-coated and therefore rust-proof metal tube. It can withstand loads of up to 130 kg due to its high-quality workmanship and solid welded joints. It is suitable for a wide range of doors with a surrounding frame (please check the dimensions given on the product page).

The chin-up bar's three-layer foam-covered handles are especially slip- and tear-resistant. The outer ends are ergonomically angled to perform wide pull-ups in a way that is easy on the joints.

Also special is our metal ring, which is welded to the center of the pull-up bar - designed to accommodate our NEOLYMP premium pull-up straps. The combination of pull-up bar and band can make it easier for beginners to get started with pull-up training. It also gives you a variety of exercises that require a high approach.

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