LIMITED EDITION | Bist du bereit?

LIMITED EDITION | Are you ready?

3, 2, 1, THEY ARE ONLINE! Today we launched our new tapes. Have you already discovered them? Yes, we are talking about the new limited edition of our mini and pull-up bands. We took a chance and created extraordinary designed sets for you, with which you will never lose your desire from now on.

The designs of our limited edition resistance bands are different from each other. The mini bands have an elegant, curved pattern in different color combinations, whereas the pull-up bands are adorned with an edgy decor with color gradients. Which design do you like better?

If you want to grab one of our sets, we suggest you be quick. We have produced each set in limited quantities only. A new edition is not planned. However, we do not rule out the possibility of creating new limited editions for you at some point in the future.

Minibands Limited Edition (MBX210) (MBX210)


  • WAVE          | 5 – 7,5 kg
  • WIND           | 7,5 – 10 kg
  • MANDALA   | 12 – 15 kg

Minibands Limited Edition

Pull-up bands Limited Edition (PBX210)


  • PETROL               | 7,5 - 20 kg
  • DARK BLUE     | 15 - 30 kg
  • GREY                 | 25 - 45 kg
    Pull-up Bands Limited Edition
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