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Entdecke die Vielfalt von NEOLYMP Klimmzugstangen für dein Zuhause

When it comes to training effectively and comfortably at home, pull-up bars from NEOLYMP are the perfect solution. Whether you want to strengthen your upper body muscles, build your back muscles or improve your arm strength, a pull-up bar offers a variety of exercise options for a comprehensive workout.

Stärke deinen Oberkörper mit Klimmzügen

Pull-ups are one of the most effective exercises for strengthening the muscles of the upper body. By lifting your own body weight, you not only train your arms and shoulders, but also activate your back muscles. With regular training on a pull-up bar, you can significantly improve your strength and endurance..

Bequemes Training in den eigenen vier Wänden

The biggest advantage of a pull-up bar for the home is the ability to train at any time and without much effort. Thanks to the easy installation in the door frame or on the door, you can integrate your workout into your everyday life and benefit from the advantages of regular training without having to leave the house.

Platzsparendes Design für maximale Flexibilität

Another advantage of the NEOLYMP pull-up bars is their space-saving design, which can be perfectly integrated into any living situation. After training, you can simply and easily leave the pull-up bar in the door frame or on the door without taking up valuable space in your home. Thanks to its compact format, you can easily store the bar when not in use, be it behind a door or in a closet. This way, you can make the most of your home and still have access to your training equipment at any time. With NEOLYMP pull-up bars, you can enjoy maximum flexibility and comfort without having to forego effective training.

Robust und belastbar für anspruchsvolles Training

NEOLYMP pull-up bars are not only impressive due to their versatility and space saving, but also due to their impressive load-bearing capacity. With a load capacity of up to 300 kg, our pull-up bars offer a solid and stable construction that can withstand even demanding training conditions. Whether you train alone or use additional weights, our pull-up bars offer the necessary stability and safety for your workout. You can concentrate fully on your training without having to worry about the load-bearing capacity of your pull-up bar. Invest in quality and reliability with NEOLYMP pull-up bars for your home and experience maximum performance with every workout.

Innovative Features für maximale Sicherheit und Komfort

NEOLYMP pull-up bars are equipped with innovative features that ensure safety and comfort during training. From telescopic bars with variable widths to padded handles for a secure grip, our pull-up bars offer everything you need for an effective and enjoyable workout.