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NEOLYMP Bodenschutzmatten: Die beste Wahl für nachhaltigen Bodenschutz

Floor protection mats are indispensable accessories for protecting your valuable floors. At NEOLYMP you will find high-quality floor protection mats made of robust natural rubber that not only offer optimal protection, but are also environmentally friendly. Thanks to the puzzle technology, they can be expanded endlessly and flexibly adapted to your needs.

Robust und Langlebig: Naturkautschuk von NEOLYMP

Our floor protection mats are made from natural rubber, a sustainable and environmentally friendly material. Rubber is known for its high durability and resistance to wear and scratches. By using natural rubber, you can be sure that your floors are optimally protected while at the same time contributing to environmental protection. The mats are extra heavy, sound-absorbing, easy on the joints and non-slip so that you can train safely and comfortably..

Premiumqualität für dein Workout

Our puzzle mats are not only robust, but also offer numerous benefits for your training. Thanks to the sound-dampening effect, they reduce vibrations and impact noise to a minimum, allowing you and your neighbors to have a pleasant and quiet workout. The mats are 6 mm thick and have a high density of 7100g/m3, which ensures pressure resistance and wear resistance.

Sicherheit und Komfort für dein Training

NEOLYMP's floor protection mats offer a reliable grip thanks to the anti-slip materials used. Whether you're doing bodyweight exercises or placing your own sports equipment, you can fully concentrate on your workout without having to worry about your safety. Our mats offer premium studio quality for your home so you can get the most out of your workout.

Endlose Möglichkeiten mit NEOLYMP Bodenschutzmatten

With NEOLYMP floor protection mats you have the opportunity to design your training area exactly as you wish. With their high durability, non-slip surface and stylish designs, they are the perfect choice for your home or office. The puzzle technique allows the mats to be extended or reduced as required, and the edge pieces included ensure a neat finish. Invest in the quality and sustainability of NEOLYMP and protect your floors in style!