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With the Neolymp band and the wall anchor I found my rhythm.

During breaks or between meetings, a few minutes are enough for effective shoulder pulls or lat pulldowns right at your workplace.

Tom, 43, IT specialist

Favorite workout : Lat pulldowns with the yellow band (level 2)

As a student, I am always on the move, and with Neolymp fitness bands I can train anywhere, anytime.

My red band is super comfortable on the skin and easy to clean - a real game-changer !

Lukas, 22, student and fitness enthusiast:

Favorite workout: High-intensity training with the red band (level 1)

I used to have neither the time nor the motivation to go to the gym.

My training now fits perfectly into my daily routine. I feel stronger and fitter than ever before, all from home.

Markus, 52, project manager and father

Favorite workout: Pull-ups and arm exercises with the blue band (level 3)

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