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Robuste Unterstützung für intensives Training

The short fitness bands are closed loops and are characterized by their short length. They are also known as loop bands, resistance bands or simply as theraband. They are used primarily in the field of aerobic training. By using a mini band, many exercises can be made more difficult, which enables more intensive training. As with other training bands, short fitness bands are also available in different materials, including latex or rubber, which are sometimes also referred to as rubber bands. Made from high-quality natural latex, the short fitness bands from NEOLYMP are particularly robust and durable. They retain their elasticity even with intensive use and thus offer long-lasting support for your training.

Effektives, vielseitiges Training mit kurzen Fitnessbändern

NEOLYMP's short fitness bands offer an effective way to target muscle groups and improve posture. Their compact size allows for targeted strength training of arms and legs, resulting in improved muscle definition and strength. Another advantage of the short resistance bands is their versatility. You can easily integrate them into your running training to create additional resistance and increase your endurance. They are also ideal for dynamic warm-ups, as they can effectively prepare your muscles for training and prevent injuries.
In addition, the short fitness bands are perfect for bodyweight exercises such as push-ups, squats or lunges. By stretching the bands around your legs or arms, you can increase the intensity of these exercises and achieve even better results.

Portabilität und Flexibilität

Thanks to their compact size and low weight, NEOLYMP fitness bands are easy to transport and can be taken anywhere. Whether at home, in the gym or outdoors - you always have your training device with you and can design your workout flexibly.

Hygienische Reinigung

Another advantage of the NEOLYMP fitness bands is that they are washable. After training, you can simply clean them in the washing machine and ensure hygienic conditions. This makes them not only particularly easy to care for, but also hygienically perfect - an important aspect, especially during intensive training.

Für jedes Fitnesslevel geeignet

Whether you are a beginner or already have experience in the fitness field, the short fitness bands from NEOLYMP are suitable for every fitness level. Their versatile applications and the ability to individually adjust the intensity make them an indispensable training device for everyone.


NEOLYMP's short fitness bands offer a variety of benefits that allow you to make your training effective and varied. With their versatility, robustness and portability, they are the ideal choice for anyone looking for an effective and flexible training tool. Start achieving your fitness goals today and experience the positive change in your body and well-being.