Fitness bands mini made of fabric Limited Edition

Get fit Our limited edition mini bands have several layers. This latex compound is coordinated and makes enormous resistance possible. The ability of bands to exert greater resistance when stretched for longer allows you to set completely new stimuli during training.


Variable and mobile

Fitness bands are not only the perfect replacement for barbells and dumbbells, but also complement your dumbbell training with many other exercises. Take them with you to the gym, to work or train at home and become a better person!

The smallest gym in the world

Train Anywhere

Hardly any other fitness product is as versatile as our fitness bands. Thanks to the fabric technology, the bands are also extremely light and portable. The sets come in breathable bags that fit in any handbag or slightly larger jacket pocket.

Free e-book with exercises

With every set of bands you will receive your download code for our constantly growing e-book collection. Our coaches have put together valuable motivational tips, nutritional advice and over 100 exercise instructions to go with your fitness bands.

YOU in our family

We are there for you even after you have received your bands from us. Our first-class support is available at any time and is staffed by sports enthusiasts and fitness coaches. You can find out about the latest trends and exercises on our YouTube channel and we keep you up to date with our new products and promotions on social media.