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Die Kraft von Naturlatex für dein Training

NEOLYMP resistance bands are more than just simple training equipment - they are your ultimate companion on the way to a fitter, healthier lifestyle. Our long fitness bands are made of robust natural latex (a durable and hard-wearing material) and offer an optimal combination of flexibility and resistance. This makes them perfect for a variety of exercises that challenge and strengthen your muscles.

Lange Fitnessbänder für umfassende Workouts

NEOLYMP's long fitness bands offer a generous length that allows you to perform a wide variety of exercises. From simple stretching exercises to complex strength exercises - with our fitness bands, all options are open to you. Our resistance bands are perfect for a full-body workout in which you activate and strengthen all muscle groups. Use them for exercises such as bicep curls, tricep extensions, shoulder presses, leg abductions and much more.

Verbessere deine Pull-Ups mit Pull-Up Bands

Our pull-up bands allow you to improve your pull-ups and chin-ups by using them as support or resistance. They will help you strengthen your upper body muscles and increase your performance.
Through targeted exercises, you can target and strengthen specific muscle groups. At the same time, they offer gentle support in the rehabilitation of injuries by enabling gentle movement and building up the muscles gently.

Individuelles Training, überall und jederzeit

Whether at home, in the gym or even on vacation - with our fitness bands you can train anywhere. Their lightweight and compact design makes them your ideal training companion, no matter where you are.

Waschmaschinenfest für hygienisches Training

Our fitness bands are machine washable, which makes them easy to clean and maintain. This way you can ensure that your training equipment is always hygienically clean and you can concentrate fully on your training.

Worauf wartest du noch?

Invest in your health and fitness with NEOLYMP fitness bands and experience the benefits of holistic training that makes you stronger, more flexible and more energetic.