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Welcome to your fitness paradise with NEOLYMP fitness mats

Ready for a training experience that will inspire you? Immerse yourself in the world of NEOLYMP fitness mats and discover the perfect surface for your workouts. With our high-quality training mats, your training will not only be more effective, but also more comfortable.

Why are fitness mats important?

Fitness mats are an essential accessory for anyone who exercises regularly. Not only do they provide a comfortable surface for exercises such as yoga, Pilates and floor exercises, they also protect against injuries caused by hard floors. Our NEOLYMP fitness mats offer optimal comfort and safety thanks to their excellent cushioning and non-slip surface. .

Slip resistance for stability

One of the most important properties of a fitness mat is its non-slip properties. At NEOLYMP, we attach great importance to ensuring that our mats provide a secure grip even during sweaty workouts. Our sports mats are equipped with special surface structures that prevent slipping on the floor and guarantee you maximum stability during your exercises.

Different widths for individual needs

Every body is unique, which is why we at NEOLYMP offer fitness mats in different widths. Whether you prefer to train over a wide area or prefer a narrower mat, you are guaranteed to find the right size for your workout with us. A wider mat offers more freedom of movement, while a narrower mat is easier to transport. Choose the width that best suits you and your exercises.

Thick sports mats for optimal comfort

The thickness of the fitness mat also plays a crucial role in comfort and cushioning during training. Our fitness mats offer an impressive density of 150 kg/m³, which ensures maximum support and durability. The red fabric edges are not only a stylish detail, but also serve to increase the durability and resistance of the NEOLYMP fitness mat.

Train anywhere

In addition to our high-quality fitness mats, we also supply you with a practical carrying strap that makes transporting your mat a breeze. Whether you're going to the gym, going outside, or just moving from one room to another - with the NEOLYMP carrying strap, you're always mobile and ready for your next workout.