Pull-ups are unbeatable


One of the most effective exercises

Almost every child knows, quite rightly, one of the most effective exercises there is - the pull-up. It puts a strain on many areas of your body and even professional athletes quickly reach their limits with pull-ups. Stay safe with our quality equipment.

Also suitable for beginners

Many of our customers learn to do their first proper pull-up with our equipment. In our exercise instructions we explain how you can do it in just a few training sessions. It's particularly easy with our pull-up bands!

Stable and versatile

You can do a lot more with our pull-up bars than you might think. They are all designed for multiple uses and to be used with other products in our range. Dips, sit-ups and squats are just a few examples.

Free e-book with exercises

For each piece of sports equipment, you will receive a download code for our constantly growing e-book collection. Coaches have put together valuable motivational tips, nutritional advice and over 50 exercise instructions especially for training on the pull-up bar.

YOU in our family

We are there for you even after you have received your order from us. Our first-class support is available at any time and is staffed by sports enthusiasts and fitness coaches. On our YouTube channel you can find out about the latest trends and exercises and on social media we keep you up to date with our new products and promotions.