Save big with NEOLYMP bundles

The value sets with our most popular fitness products offer you a variety of exercise options and help you maximize your training. By purchasing our value sets, you save money compared to buying our products individually and can put together a complete fitness equipment set at an unbeatable price.

Acupressure mat

Our regeneration savings set contains a combination of high-quality fitness equipment such as our acupressure mat & yoga mat. With these products you have the opportunity to tailor your training to your needs and do muscle building, strength training or cardio.

All of our value sets are made from high-quality materials and offer you a long service life. They are robust and durable so that you can enjoy your new fitness equipment for a long time.

Yoga mat

With our savings sets we offer you access to our download library with many e-books. Here you will find training exercises, motivation tips and nutrition tips to optimally support your training.