Benefits of your fitness bands


Before you buy NEOLYMP bands, you should know that there are closed bands (so-called loops) and those with two open ends. What is the difference and which should you choose? Loops are usually easier to handle because they can be fixed in place as best as possible without slipping. But flat bands also have advantages. The desired length can be ideally determined and gentle stretching exercises are carried out using gentle pressure.

The NEOLYMP fitness bands are made of a mixed fabric. More precisely, a high-quality cotton-polyester fabric. We have incorporated latex structures for you so that our bands can work as flexibly as you are used to. Each of our fitness bands will accompany you on your way to increased fitness and the strength training you are aiming for.

All types of training bands are perfect for training at home, outside or even on holiday. You don't have to lug anything heavy around with you and you can get the most out of yourself at any time. All of our bands are space-saving and can be easily stored in the carrying bags provided. You can actually train your entire body with fitness bands. Whether the exercises challenge your bottom, arms, legs, back or completely different muscle groups is entirely up to you. Training with fitness bands is also much easier on the joints than with weights.

Why? The reason for this is easy to explain. When working out with training bands, the success of individual exercises is not dependent on gravity. The joints are exposed to less pressure, which also reduces the risk of injury in the long term.

What do you train with fitness bands?

Speed, endurance, strength, balance, coordination, flexibility. Are these enough reasons to choose a fitness band? ;)
By intensifying your training with NEOLYMP bands, even deeper muscles are activated.

We have developed a resistance band training plan for both pull-up and mini bands. You can find these in our free e-books. You will receive the code for this with every order.

No matter which of our fitness bands you choose, they are all suitable for dynamic training.
In addition, studies show that stretching has become an essential part of the changed, more extensive workouts. Resistance bands give you the opportunity to stretch optimally before and after training. Stretching after training is very important to prevent muscle shortening. This way you stay flexible and mobile, improve your posture and maximize your athletic performance.