Find out | Wandanker und Grifferweiterungen

Find out | Wall anchors and handle extensions

Since a few weeks we have two new features in our store. But what are they actually for? We'll get to the bottom of this question together with you.

First of all, our wall anchor (WA210). What can you do with it? With it you have a permanent fixed point for your bands and ropes. Any kind of band training can be done without slipping. Whether you use it to train your arms, your upper body or your legs is up to you. Tired of your bands? Then get your rope, pull it through the eyelet and start your Battle Rope workout. This workout will have you breaking a sweat in just a few minutes. All muscle groups of the upper body are used and drilled at the same time. Also with this exercise you can determine the degree of difficulty yourself. The properties of length, diameter and weight of the rope depend on this. But also the distance from you to the anchor hook, your posture and the type of execution are decisive for the intensity. For this, however, make sure to attach the anchor at the right height. Ideally, a height of 15 to 20 cm is suitable for a Battle Rope. If you have fixed your wall anchor, absolutely nothing can happen and your focus is solely on you and the execution of your exercises.

And what exactly do you do now with the handle extension (BH210), you ask? We have the perfect match here with our wall anchor. Attach it, take a long resistance band of your choice, pull it through the eyelet and the other end through the carabiner of the handle. This way you are perfectly secured and can enhance your usual exercises as well as optimize certain movements. Whether you train with one handle or prefer to hold one in each hand is up to you. The range of motion increases significantly and you use muscles that previously might have received less stimulation.


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