Fabric fitness bands

Neolymp fabric bands

Our fitness bands are made of sturdy fabric. The combination with natural latex fibers makes our bands comfortable on the skin, durable and machine washable. Thanks to this technology, all resistance levels are the same size.
10x longer shelf life

Long durability

Compared to normal sports bands made of solid rubber, our bands are particularly protected against tearing. Especially when in contact with sharp objects, our bands last up to 10 times longer than the competition in stress tests. The multiple safety seams allow you to train particularly safely.

The smallest gym in the world

Training everywhere

Hardly any fitness product is as versatile as our mini fitness bands. Thanks to the fabric technology, the bands are also extremely light and portable. The sets come in breathable bags that fit in any handbag or slightly larger jacket pocket.

Free e-book with exercises

With every set of bands you will receive your download code for our constantly growing e-book collection. Our coaches have put together valuable motivational tips, nutritional advice and over 100 exercise instructions to go with your fitness bands.