Tennis training

The frequency of tennis training depends on several factors, including the individual training goal, performance level, availability of time and resources, and the physical condition of the player. In general, it is recommended to train regularly to achieve continuous improvement and maintain playing skills.

For beginners, training once or twice a week may be enough to learn basic skills and become familiar with the game. Advanced players who want to improve their skills and play at a competitive level should train more frequently, perhaps three to five times a week.

It is important to structure the training in such a way that it covers both the technical and physical aspects of the game. In addition to pure tennis training, strength and endurance training as well as mental training can also be integrated into the training program in order to promote holistic development.

Ultimately, training frequency should be customized based on personal goals, needs and circumstances. It is also important to give the body enough time for rest and recovery to prevent injuries and maintain performance in the long term.

Strength is crucial for tennis. Explosive movements such as sprints and serves require endurance and strength. With targeted strength training, you can improve your performance. We present 7 exercises that improve your strength:

  1. Ball squeeze: Strengthens wrists for better shots. Squeeze a tennis ball 20 times with each hand.
  2. Jumping exercises: Improve your explosive power and strength with cone jumps. Sprint back and forth between the cones.
  3. Jump rope: Perfect for cardiovascular and balance training. Set goals and experiment with variations.
  4. Lateral Lunges: Strengthens legs and core for lateral movements. Do 5 reps per leg.
  5. Chest press/push-ups: Strengthens chest, arms and shoulders for powerful punches. Do push-ups when a workout bench isn't available.
  6. Cable pull: Improves core rotation. Pull the cable in front of your torso to strengthen your abdominal muscles.
  7. Medicine ball throw: Increases upper body strength for explosive movements. Throw a medicine ball against a wall to activate muscles.

Incorporate these exercises into your training to increase your strength and performance on the tennis court.