The history of fitness bands

Die Geschichte der Fitnessbänder

To be able to tell the story of our fitness bands from the beginning, we have to travel far back in time. Because the components of the tape have been known to mankind for thousands of years: Cotton and rubber or latex.

Although it has not been proven beyond doubt how long people have been using the milky sap of the rubber tree, it can be assumed that it has been around for at least 3600 years, since the oldest rubber objects discovered in South America date back to around 1600 BC. When the Europeans finally discovered the American continent, it was not long before they also found rubber. At first, however, few people in Europe were aware of its existence. More years passed before a real use was found for it. When a solvent for solid rubber was found in the second half of the 18th century, the first erasers were soon produced, and about 50 years later the first raincoats, rain boots and rubber tires. Due to a high shortage of raw materials during the world wars, the development of an artificial rubber was pushed forward in Germany. The invention of synthetic rubber by Fritz Hoffmann and subsequent further developments then paved the way for this material to become ubiquitous today.

In the 1940s, the bicycle inner tube then slowly evolved into a training tool. The closed rubber ring had a strong resistance and was used for stretching, coordination and strength exercises. It was also used by Erich Deuser, who was appointed physiotherapist for the German national soccer team by Sepp Herberger in 1951. In 1967, he then developed different resistance bands made of rubber in order to be able to train in an even more targeted manner. These were still relatively rigid and thick but an enormous advancement.

With the same knowledge and based on Deuser's training philosophy, NEOLYMP also started to produce latex bands. Soon we became aware of their biggest weaknesses: when the skin is sweaty, the tapes slip easily, they like to cut into the skin and also the susceptibility to sharp and pointed objects gave us food for thought.

The logical step for us was to develop a fitness band that combines the advantages of rubber and cotton: slip resistance, pleasant feel on the skin, washability and long-lasting durability. Together with our customers, we have continued to develop these bands and have now reached the third, best version to date.

You too can try what we are most proud of: Our durable, versatile and beautiful NEOLYMP Mini bands or NEOLYMP Pull Up bands. Of course and as always with full access to our e-book collection with exercises, workout plans and motivational tips.

Photo: Abhilash Jacob