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How efficient is the abdominal roller?

In fact, the abdominal roller is a piece of exercise equipment that is a little more difficult to learn to use, but when done correctly, it is one of the best ways to build core strength and stability.

First of all, the machine is superior to sit-ups or crunches. Performing exercises with the abdominal trainer is much harder than the traditional crunch, but also more effective. In addition, they strengthen the back, something that crunches cannot do, and thus help you avoid back pain and many injuries. This is very important because back injuries are one of the most common in gyms.

Having good core strength means you can lift more weight in other exercises that involve the core, such as squats, deadlifts, shoulder presses, bent-over rows, and more.

Since several muscle groups can work simultaneously during training, additional calories are burned.

The training device is small and very easy to transport. You can train at home, in the gym or in the hotel when you are on holiday. The rubber wheels are also great for use outside. So you can do your training as demanding as and wherever you want.

As already mentioned, the abdominal roller is more suitable for advanced users. Prior training of the core muscles with planks, push-ups and sit-ups is recommended.

If you are just starting to train, you should choose simpler exercises on your knees and perhaps use aids. For example, you can train directly in front of a wall or a heavy object that stops your rolling out movement. Our NEOLYMP fitness bands can also be a great help if you put them around your legs and hold them in your hands to support the rolling in.

Simple exercise with the abdominal trainer

Once your core has become a little stronger through these exercises, you can approach it gradually. You can hold the wheel at an angle or roll it in an arc to the side instead of rolling it straight out. The next step would be the roll-out from a standing position into a long stretch on the floor and back to a standing position.

Don't worry if things are a bit bumpy at first - even professionals have to get used to the demanding NEOLYMP abdominal roller . But nothing ventured, nothing gained!

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