Ein Springseil - Dein nächstes Level

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Do you already know our skipping rope? No? Then click here now, because it's about time. It is not an ordinary skipping rope. No, I think you agree with us here, that would not be like us. We have developed something great for you again. A skipping rope that will really make you sweat - we promise.

With the 360° professional ball bearing, we guarantee you maximum speed. And this is not an exaggeration on our part, as you might think. This skipping rope is guaranteed to be among the fastest in the world. Try it out and see for yourself.

And now another treat: You want to expand your training? Jumping rope alone is not enough for you? That's absolutely no problem, for this we have the perfect complement. Our skipping ropes are available with and without weights. If you choose the version with weights, you are definitely well equipped. Increase your performance, your condition and work at the same time on your muscle building. Combine the rope with our weights and get the absolute maximum out of your rope training.

The assembly of the weights is really easy. All you have to do is unscrew the handle at the back, insert the spring - weight - spring in exactly the same order and screw the handle back on. Ready for jump!

Simply adjust the rope to your body size. Our skipping ropes will accompany you for a very, very long time, the first-class materials and the high-quality workmanship speak for themselves. But in case you need a new one, we will provide you with a replacement rope for free. Plus, it arrives in a cool carrying bag so you'll have it with you no matter where you are, you'll be ready to jump. Let's go!