How to recharge your batteries for your workout (or: how to force yourself to exercise)

So tankst du Energie für dein Workout (oder auch: wie man sich zum Sport zwingt)

Some days it can be really hard to look forward to training. Other days you feel so tired that you don't even want to try. We would like to give you a few tips on how you can overcome yourself and look forward to a strenuous but rewarding workout.
workout you can prepare.

  • Do you have any music or podcasts that you've finally wanted to listen to (again)? Music can be a wonderful way to get going and have a motivating effect on your mood. Podcasts are also ideal for this, whether they're funny, informative or exciting, they can help you complete your training.
  • Make plans to meet up with friends who also enjoy sports! Maybe you can even motivate someone who says they don't exercise often enough. Shared fun is double fun!
  • Supply your body with energy! Especially if you feel tired before training. Before any physical exertion you should supply yourself with energy, e.g. from fresh fruit, vegetables or carbohydrate-rich food. Of course it is also important to drink plenty of fluids - to combat tiredness you can drink a little green or black tea, it is very refreshing when cooled!
  • Have you already remembered your goals? Set yourself a small interim goal for today to increase your motivation. The fact that you have overcome your laziness again today can be a big help.
  • Do you remember how good it feels when you've completed your workout? Besides, exercise is always good for clearing your head and reducing stress. The wonderful feeling after a mastered workout is definitely worth starting.
  • Do your favorite workout today, or decide to try something new! This way you can make it a little more fun. The NEOLYMP fitness bands are particularly recommended 😊. With over 100 exercises in our free e-book, we present you with a portion of the huge selection of different exercises.
  • If none of that helps , maybe do a few less exercises today as an exception. Because every workout, no matter how small, is still better than no training at all!

Don't beat yourself up - everyone goes through these phases. The important thing is that you keep at it!

Photo (edited): Suzanne Emily O'Connor