Want a six-pack? | The NEOLYMP abdominal roller

Sixpack gefällig? | Der NEOLYMP Bauchroller

It's finally here! It took a little longer than we had hoped - but we can finally introduce you to our newest product, the NEOLYMP abdominal roller . It is of course in our beloved black and red design and has been lovingly designed. The non-slip handles are padded with 3 layers of foam rubber and offer you the best grip during your exercises. The wide rubber wheel with profile always keeps you on the right track. It is also handy and small, so it can be easily stored away.

With the abdominal roller you can achieve a much more comprehensive core muscle workout than with simple sit-ups or crunches. In addition to the classic abdominal muscles (rectus abdominus), the deeper abdominal and stabilizing muscles and secondarily the hip and shoulder muscles, triceps and the broad back muscles are also used. This helps your back health and thus your posture - and last but not least, it gives you a six-pack.

When training with the abdominal roller, you should always pay attention to the correct posture - we therefore recommend it for more advanced athletes. In order to achieve a harmless and maximum training effect, you should be very precise when performing the exercise. Always stretch your bottom slightly up and tense it firmly. When rolling out, make sure that your stomach does the work. Breathing also plays an important role. During the movement, breathe out slowly and only breathe in when you are in the starting position. It is particularly helpful if someone supports you with your posture at the beginning or if you check yourself in the mirror.

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