Firm legs with mini bands

Straffe Beine mit Minibändern

Today we want to focus on a few exercises that focus particularly on the legs. Summer comes quicker than expected every year and we can soon wear short dresses again. Toned muscles and good circulation are essential for beautiful legs. We will show you a few exercises that you can do almost anywhere with our mini bands. For example, you could train in a quiet spot in your favorite park, depending on the season.

Of course, you should warm up before your mini band workout. A 15-minute endurance workout is ideal to build up your training pulse and stimulate blood flow to the muscles. In any case, you should activate the muscle groups that you will then be using more with the mini band. You can do this by doing lunges and squats, for example, or by squatting on one leg while keeping the other stretched out. We also like squat jumps (pulling your knees up while jumping) and heel runs (running loosely and pulling your heels towards your bottom).

Calf stretches

This exercise trains your arm and shoulder muscles in addition to your calves.

Theraband calf stretches starting positionTheraband calf stretch target position

Sit on the floor with your legs stretched out and place the mini band around your feet or just one foot. Then pull the band under your chest in a controlled manner and hold it there for a moment before slowly returning the mini band to the starting position. Make sure that you pull your shoulder blades together, keep your back straight and tense your core.

Leg curls

This simple exercise primarily targets the hamstrings and calf muscles.

Theraband leg curls starting positionTheraband leg curls target position

Put the mini band around your ankles and stand upright. Then bend the leg you want to train by 90°. Make sure that the thigh remains vertical and parallel to the other leg. Hold this position for a few seconds and then slowly lower your toes back towards the floor to repeat the exercise.

Leg stretches while standing

Theraband leg stretches while standing Starting positionTheraband leg extensions while standing Target position

Here you can see another exercise for the thigh. The mini band is placed around your ankles again while you are standing upright. It is advantageous to be close to a wall or a tree so that you can support yourself if necessary. With your torso tensed, shift your weight onto the standing leg. The knee on the other side is pulled up, the thigh at a 90° angle to the body and the lower leg parallel to the body. Now slowly stretch out this leg while maintaining the resistance in the mini band. Hold this position for a moment and then slowly bend the leg to bring it back to the starting position.


Theraband Sidekicks Starting positionTheraband Sidekicks Target Position

This exercise focuses mainly on the buttocks and the outer thighs (abductors). With the mini band placed around the lower calves, stand with your back straight. With a lot of body tension, move the training leg outwards in a controlled manner. At the highest point, pause for a moment and slowly return the sole of your foot to the floor. Keep the tension in the mini band while you repeat the exercise with the other leg.

Sumo Gang

This exercise, and we think it has a funny name, is the highlight of today's workout and especially trains the glutes and outer thighs.

Theraband-Sumogang starting positionTheraband-Sumogang target position

The mini band is placed around the calves. Then bend your knees with your legs apart so that your thighs are at a right angle to your upper body and lower legs. It can help to put your hands together in front of your chest or to put them on your hips. In this position and with your upper body tensed, take 10 steps forward.

Don't forget to loosen up after your mini band workout, for example by jogging a few steps and stretching. You can also find stretching exercises and other mini band exercises in our e-book, which you will receive free with every mini band order.

Photos: Daniel Wegner, Subtle Cinematics