Versatile training

Vielseitiges Training

All 650 muscles in our body should be used equally. A balanced and varied workout is essential for our muscles. Our sporting activity should never be forced. To maintain motivation, there has to be a certain fun factor. The NEOLYMP fitness bands contribute a high level of motivation because they combine fun and sport.

Anyone who knows the layout of a gym knows that you will primarily find equipment there that only trains one or a few muscle groups. This results in one-sided training, and it can quickly become too monotonous and the fun of exercise is lost. With our fitness bands, however, you have countless exercises at your disposal that will work almost every muscle in your body.

Put together your own training plan, according to your preferences. Make sure your training is varied - our training book for fitness bands can be a great help here.
This is not only healthier, but also more fun. If possible, train in front of a mirror. The right proportions play a very important role in aesthetics.

Motivate yourself and take the results and the good feeling from the previous training into your next workout.

Knowing that your legs will feel as good after your next workout as your arms did after today's workout with the resistance band will motivate you even more.

Try out new exercises little by little. You might even soon find your new favorite resistance band exercise. Your body and your coordination will also benefit greatly from exercising new muscle groups.

You can find many other exciting motivational and fitness tips in our e-book. It will also help you create a fitness band training plan and your diet. You will receive it free of charge when you order one of our fitness bands.

Photo: Barroa Artworks