From the sofa

Vom Sofa aus

Are you lacking motivation? The sofa is currently your best friend and getting on the exercise mat or going to the gym seems unthinkable? We can help and convert your couch into a training device. In some cases, you don't even have to get up. Once you've started, the rest of the motivation will come naturally.

For the first ten minutes, you might try to watch your series at the same time. But then you'll realize that the fitness exercises are more fun right now and turn the screen off for the time being.

We'll show you our specially created workout "From the sofa" and start off a little softer to warm up. Will you join in?
Important: Always try to concentrate on the muscle group you are training. This is the so-called mind-muscle connection . If you are mentally focused, you will train much more intensively and directly.

1. Right side leg raise | Easy + Pulses

Lie on your side on your sofa and begin to slowly and carefully raise and lower your upper leg with a flexed foot. Don't put your leg down completely on the lower leg, but keep the tension and bring the leg straight back up. Do this for 30 seconds and pay attention to the way your legs are guided. Tighten your stomach, buttocks and leg muscles properly. When you start moving, breathe out; when you return to the starting position, breathe in.

Can you still follow your series? Yes? Then we'll turn it up a gear. Hold your right leg up without a break and pulse at the highest point for another 30 seconds . Don't forget to keep your foot flexed.

15 second break

2. Double right side leg raises | Easy + Crunches

Now it gets a little more intense. Keep the side position. Lift both legs up on top of each other at the same time and lower them slowly and in a controlled manner. Here too, keep your stomach, legs and bottom tense, flex your feet and don't put your legs completely on the sofa. Push yourself to your maximum and repeat this exercise for 45 seconds . Do you still have energy? Then do the side crunches for another 15 seconds . The leg movement remains the same, but at the same time you lift your upper body to the side and place the tips of your hands on your temples. Now crunch the side abdominal muscles together and train your waist. You move up and down like a jackknife.

15 second break

3. Left side leg raise | Easy + Pulses

It's time to lie down the other way round, because now you're training your left leg. Do the exercises exactly the same way. Both sides should always be trained equally. Do 30 seconds of lateral leg raises, then hold them for another 30 seconds and pulse at the highest point. Let's go!

15 second break

4. Double left side leg raises | Easy + Crunches

You already know this exercise. Raise and lower both legs simultaneously and in a straight line for 45 seconds . Then move on to side crunches for 15 seconds . Now the left abdominal muscles are challenged.

30 second break

5. Russian Twists

We'll stay with the side abdominal muscles, but for the next exercise, first sit upright in the middle of your sofa. Interlock your hands in front of your chest, lift your legs at a 90-degree angle and lean back a few centimeters with your back straight. The abdominal muscles are tense and you hold this position. Turn your upper body to the right and bring your hands (these remain permanently tense) towards your hips. All the power and movement comes from the abdominal muscles. Legs, bottom and hips remain still. Return to the starting position and turn your upper body to the left. This creates a fluid sequence of movements. 45 seconds for your abdominal muscles!

15 second break

6. Crunch | Easy + Pulses

Is the TV already off or is this workout not challenging you enough? It's time to work your straight abdominal muscles too. Put your hands on your temples, put your legs up, press your lower back towards the sofa and now lift your upper body. Use the strength of your abdominal muscles to pull yourself up to your knees as far as you can. Slowly and carefully lower yourself down and crunch again. Try not to put your upper body completely on the couch and keep your body tension permanently. Do this exercise for 40 seconds and then hold your position at the highest point. Now it's time for 20 seconds of pulses . Stretch your arms out next to your legs, hold and crunch with small, quick movements to strengthen your stomach once again. Only at the end do you put your upper body down completely again.

Tip: If you don't have enough space, place your upper body on an exercise mat in front of the sofa, place your legs at a 90-degree angle on the seat of the couch and start with the crunches. Don't forget to consciously press your lower back down. There shouldn't be room for a sheet of paper between your back and the mat/sofa.

30 second break

7. Push-ups

Now get off the couch. Don't worry, you still need it, but for this exercise we're going to turn your couch into a training device. Here you have the option of making it a little easier or going all out.
Version 1 (soft): Place your lower legs on the seat and support yourself with your arms on the floor or a sports mat. Make sure that your shoulders are positioned exactly over your wrists. Now bend your elbows until your face almost touches the floor. Keep your back absolutely straight. Use the strength of your arm and chest muscles to push yourself back up until your arms are fully extended. Repeat this exercise for 30 seconds .
Variation 2 (difficult): For this, position your arms on the edge of your sofa and place your toes on the floor. Same exercise - increased level of difficulty.

15 second break

8. Lateral arm raises

While we're at it, let's move on to the arms. Let's start with lateral arm raises. This exercise is best done sitting on the couch. Slide forward a little so that your arms are stretched out and pointing downwards in a line with your upper body. Your back stays straight and your abdominal and back muscles are tense. Now raise both arms at the same time until they reach a 90-degree angle. Return to the starting position, keeping your arms tense at all times. Concentrate on the contraction of your arms and repeat this process for 45 seconds . A simple but incredibly effective exercise. 

10 second break

9. Frontal arm raise

Yes, now it's getting tough, but that's exactly where we want to go. Now raise your arms straight forward at a 90-degree angle and lower them again. Don't forget to keep your body tense and stay here for 45 seconds .

15 second break

10. Mountain Climbers

Finally, we'll do something for the whole body. Support yourself with your forearms on the armrest or the seat, place your feet on the floor and now assume an absolutely straight posture. You are a plank, from head to toe. Your toes are your lowest point, your head is the highest. Under no circumstances should your bottom wander upwards here. We're not doing a downward dog right now, but rather a stable plank. Make sure that both elbows are positioned exactly under your shoulders and stay in exactly this position. To prevent a hollow back, crunch your abdominal muscles a little. And now move one knee to your chest alternately and return your foot to the starting position before each leg change. The entire upper body remains still. You only move your legs and crunch one knee after the other towards your chest. If you're confident with this exercise, increase the pace and do it for a full minute. You can do it! 60 seconds for your core, for your success.

“If you want something you've never had, you must be willing to do something you've never done before.”
– Thomas Jefferson

You have successfully completed your couch workout. Does it feel good to have done something? Stretch and loosen up afterwards, this should never be neglected. Fitness is important for all of us. Strengthen your muscles, improve your posture and work on your endurance and stamina for a balanced, healthy everyday life.