Kettlebell de luxe | How do I train?

Kettlebell de luxe | Wie trainiere ich?

We have already announced in the last blog post that this post will come and we keep our promises. This time we want to teach you some basic rules for proper execution with kettlebells and also show you a few exercises. Are you ready?

A few tips for you first: Wear sturdy shoes. The goal of many exercises is to make the kettlebell vibrate and for this a firm footing is essential.
Take care of your hands! What does this have to do with sports? In this case, a lot. After regular use, kettlebells can cause calluses and eczema on the palms of your hands. Prevent this and take good care of your hands. In addition, chalk or magnesia will help you find a secure grip by increasing the friction between your hand and the steel. Of course, you can also wear training gloves, they protect the hands and also serve the grip. And for the ultimate safe and silent workout, get our professional sports floor to your home.

But now it's finally time to work out. Not only will you have fun doing it, but you'll work out multiple muscle groups at once, strengthen tendons and joints, optimize movement patterns, stabilize muscle attachments, and even reduce the risk of injury. Let's get started on your all-around workout!

Recommended: 3x 10-12 reps // 30 sec rest Try to gradually increase and increase your reps.
If you are already a kettlebell pro, we recommend circuit training.

Deadlift with kettlebell

To get to know the kettlebell, we start with a basic exercise. Stand wider than hip-width in an upright position, holding the kettlebell with both hands, palms facing you. Pull your shoulders back, keeping your back straight at all times. Now, inhaling, bend over with your back straight in front and at the same time move your buttocks backward. The ball pulls straight down towards the floor, the shoulders remain pulled back. Then straighten up again with your exhalation.

Important: Try this exercise 3-4 times slowly at first. Control your movements and your body, pay attention to the correct posture and get to know this exercise. Only then increase the speed.

Target muscles: entire back muscles, pomus muscles, core

Goblet Squat

Now combine your kettlebell with a squat. Grasp the handle of a kettlebell with both hands and hold it close to your chest. Stand a little wider than hip-width and turn your feet slightly outward. Now perform a squat by squatting in a controlled manner with your back straight. Pull your butt back, your upper body will automatically bend forward slightly, but your knees will never exceed the tops of your feet. Sit as low as you can, trying to reach a 45° angle. Then push yourself back up into a full stretch using the power of your heels.

Target muscles: entire back muscles, butt and thigh muscles, shoulder and biceps

Where's the momentum, you ask? We'll explain it to you now. Nevertheless, the slowly guided exercises are also part of a kettlebell workout.

Swing with kettlebell

Again, grasp the handle of a kettlebell with both hands and stand upright with your shoulders pulled back. Raise your arms to a 45° angle so that you now hold the kettlebell stretched in front of your chest. Now perform another squat with your butt stretched back and your back straight. Down here, get the momentum you need with your kettlebell. Bring it back through your legs and then up with momentum, keeping your arms and legs extended. Bring the kettlebell no further than chest height and from there return to the squat, passing the kettlebell through your legs with momentum and coming up again with the forward motion.
The movement comes from your hips.

Target muscles: entire back muscles, butt and shoulder muscles

Lunges with rotation

Yes, now we're going to do lunges. How does a lunge go? Stand tall, shoulder width apart, and place one leg back with a wide stride. The weight on the back leg is concentrated on the toes, the heel is off the ground and the front leg is entirely on the ground. The weight should be equally distributed. Then the back leg goes towards the floor, the front leg bends equally but never overhangs the toes. Just before you touch the floor, push yourself back up, keeping your upper body straight. So much for the basic exercise, but that's not what you and I are here for. Now grab your kettlebell! To do this, get into the starting position, swing the kettlebell from the front with a slight body rotation past the side of your front leg while going low. Don't underestimate the momentum of the kettlebell, it will challenge your balance quite a bit. Nevertheless, swing the kettlebell up to shoulder height. With the rotation back to center, lift your body back up until your legs are extended, then swing back to the side and lower. After your repetitions, switch legs and train the other side.

Target muscles: shoulder muscles, lateral abdominal muscles, butt and thigh muscles, calf muscles

Around the Leg

This exercise is performed again in a squat position, but this time you don't have to go quite as low. Your upper body is leaning slightly forward, your kettlebell is held firmly in your right hand. Bring it from the front to the back through your legs, there your left hand comes towards and picks up the kettlebell. Now move it forward with momentum past your left leg to the back. Once you have swung it around one leg, it will slide back through your legs. There, the other hand comes toward you, grabs the kettlebell and swings it past the outside of your right leg. This creates a circular, flowing motion and looks like an 8.

Your upper body will hold this position and your back will remain straight. Work with momentum here as well.

Target muscles: lateral abdominal muscles, butt and thigh muscles

Woman doing kettlebell workout

You just got a sneak peek at an insanely effective kettlebell workout. But we promise you, these special dumbbells have much, much more in store for you. Pre-order our kettlebells now and be one of the first to hold them in your hands.

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