Heavy Resistance Bands - What's behind them?

Heavy Resistance Bands – Was steckt dahinter?

This is the question we would like to address today. Maybe you regularly click on our heavy resistance bands and in the end you don't buy them because you still question the benefit of them? We will help you with your decision.

We have a variety of bands in our assortment, but which ones do you really need? This answer depends on how much you work out and which muscle groups you prefer to work and in what way. What's clear is that our cotton mini and pull up bands are borderline comfortable and sustainable. But they don't come close to the resistance of these composite latex bands. That doesn't make them worse or more unflattering, it just makes them different.

Heavy Resistance Bands HRB430

With the Heavy Resistance Bands you get an isolated workout for over 30 different muscle groups at the same time. These resistance bands can replace dumbbells. A targeted strength training with bands - yes, it really works. Your muscles will be worked at least as much as if you had our dumbbells in your hands. But not only your arms, back, chest and abdomen will benefit, but also your leg muscles will definitely thank you. Herewith you start an allround workout for your whole body.

We offer you 6 different resistances from which you can choose your personal favorite or you can decide for the whole set. Create your individual workout at home, on the road, maybe even in the office during your break or in nature. No matter where you are, our bands are lightweight and can easily be stored in any small bag.


Level 1 | 8–16 KG | 13 mm
Level 2 | 12–24 KG | 19 mm
Level 3 | 18–36 KG | 32 mm
Level 4 | 22–54 KG | 45 mm
Level 5 | 28–80 KG | 64 mm
Level 6 | 64–116 KG | 83 mm

Woman exercising with HRB430


Not only our pull-up bands are hygienic, but of course also our heavy resistance bands. You simply wipe them with a damp cloth (if necessary with a little soap), let them air dry and you are rid of any residues. Once they are dry, it is also possible to apply some talcum powder for more grip.

Especially in this pandemic time, people tend to want to disinfect everything and anything. Please avoid this with all our sports equipment made of composite latex! If you use conventional disinfectant to clean latex, it tends to become brittle and we would like to spare you this, of course. If you still don't want to do without the certain protection, please get pure alcohol from the pharmacy and disinfect our latex products exclusively with it. Nevertheless, it is important to check the tape for structure and porosity before the next training session.

Free E-Book

Together with experienced trainers, we wrote an e-book with many different exercises for you. There you can get inspiration and tips.

E-Book: Pull up-Training