Sports in summer | Danger and pleasure

Sport im Sommer | Gefahr und Vergnügen

Temperatures are rising dramatically right now. It's midsummer and it's tough. You're sporty and training is important to you. What do you need to bear in mind? Here are some facts and tips about this important topic.

Exercising in such high temperatures poses risks and everyone should be aware of them.


  1. Heat stroke can happen to any of us.
  2. Your body needs a lot of fluid to be able to sweat sufficiently (= thermoregulation).
  3. Take circulatory problems and other warning signs from the body seriously immediately


  1. Drink plenty of water before training and keep taking sips during your workout.
  2. Train primarily early in the morning or late in the evening when temperatures are slightly lower.
  3. Close your shutters and blinds in the morning and don't open them again until the evening. This way, your apartment will stay reasonably cool and you can exercise indoors without any problems.
  4. Also make sure to provide external cooling in the form of cold packs or ice cubes.
  5. Wear breathable sportswear.
  6. If you train outdoors, be sure to remember sun protection/sunscreen.
  7. Avoid endurance sports in very high temperatures.

From a medical point of view, you should not exercise when the temperature is above 39 degrees Celsius .

Why? Once these temperatures are reached, many of the body's basic functions are impaired and medical complications may occur. No one should take this risk.

These tips can also be found in a publication by the Federal Institute of Sports Science, which examined sports under special climatic conditions from a scientific perspective.

When do you have to stop?

If you notice that your performance is declining, you are having difficulty coordinating, or you are even struggling with dizziness, nausea, goosebumps or even shaking, your body is clearly telling you to STOP. Listen to it! This is not a sign of weakness, but rather a sign that your body is really struggling with the current physical exertion in combination with the current temperatures.

How does heat buildup occur?

The cooling sweat production breaks down when too little fluid is consumed. As a result, the body does not expel enough heat to the outside, the internal temperature rises dangerously high and a build-up of heat quickly turns into heat stroke.

Keep fit! Sport should still be fun. Taking a summer break would probably just be an excuse. ;) But listen carefully to what your body needs right now.