Why sport is good for us

Warum Sport gut für uns ist

Most people are probably aware of the benefits of exercise, even if they are not entirely conscious of them. We would like to list the benefits that regular exercise has for your body and mind.

Your heart is a muscle that can be trained just like any other. A strained heart pumps more forcefully, widening your blood vessels and promoting blood circulation overall. In the long term, this lowers blood pressure and therefore the risk of a heart attack.

Heart shaped wave

Fat burning , or more precisely fatty acid oxidation, is a natural process that humans share with a large part of the animal kingdom. It occurs during endurance exercise. Stored fat is "burned" together with oxygen to produce energy. This stored fat is therefore considered an energy store. In prehistoric times, when regular food intake was not guaranteed, especially in winter, this was a very important process. In our modern times and the high energy content of food, however, this is often a hindrance if you want to maintain a healthy body. Fat is stored everywhere in the body. Even under the muscles and between the organs. This fat in particular is particularly dangerous because it sticks to your organs and has other negative effects.

Building muscle has many advantages. One of them is an increased basic requirement. This means that a trained body burns more calories than one with less muscle mass. This in turn benefits fat loss.

Musculoskeletal system

With a trained musculoskeletal system, the body not only has a healthier posture, but also better coordination and balance. This prevents injuries in two ways. Firstly, accidents happen less often and often have less serious consequences. For example, the ligaments of athletes often heal faster after a sprained ankle than after equally serious injuries in untrained people.

A strengthened immune system and increased regenerative powers are another important benefit of regular exercise. Numerous studies have shown that this prevents many illnesses and helps the body heal faster from injuries or illnesses.

This is also proven to be linked to a stronger psyche . People who are physically active are usually happier, more confident and more goal-oriented. This is due to a better body feeling, more body awareness and a more stable hormone balance, which in turn stimulates more joy in life and activity - a self-reinforcing process that you can use to your advantage!

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