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Volleyball training with NEOLYMP accessories: your key to improving your game

Are you an avid volleyball player and looking to improve? Then you've come to the right place! With NEOLYMP accessories, you can take your volleyball training to a whole new level. We offer a wide range of products specifically designed to improve your performance in various aspects of the game. From strength and bounce training to injury prevention, we have everything you need to optimize your game.

Maximize your performance with strength training for volleyball players

Strength is a crucial factor for success in volleyball. With our NEOLYMP accessories, you can work specifically on your strength to make your shots more powerful and effective. Our products offer a variety of exercises and training options aimed at strengthening your muscles and improving your hitting power. From dumbbells to resistance bands to weight cuffs - we have everything you need to optimize your strength training.

Reach new heights with jump training for volleyball players

Impressive jumping power is an essential part of a successful volleyball game. With our NEOLYMP accessories such as the skipping rope, you can specifically train your jumping power and thus improve your performance on the court.

Extra thick sports mats for optimal training

Another important aspect of volleyball training is safety and comfort during training. Our extra thick sports mats provide the ideal surface for your training, be it for floor exercises, stretching or coordination exercises. These mats are durable, non-slip and offer excellent cushioning to protect joints and floors. With our sports mats you can fully concentrate on your training without having to worry about injuries or discomfort.

Conclusion: Improve your volleyball training with NEOLYMP accessories

Overall, the NEOLYMP accessories offer a comprehensive solution to optimize your volleyball training and increase your performance on the court. With our products, you can work specifically on your strength and jumping power while benefiting from the advantages of our extra-thick sports mats. Discover our range today and take your game to a whole new level!