NEOLYMP training camp 2.0

NEOLYMP-Trainingscamp 2.0

Have you done the booty workout from our training camp a few times?

Today we want to focus entirely on weights, specifically dumbbells. They are the perfect way to build up biceps, triceps, back and shoulder muscles.
But you can also use them as a supplement to various bodyweight exercises and thus intensify your training.

How much weight you need depends not only on your current training level, but also on the exercise in question. If you notice that you can hardly do a single repetition properly with the weight in your hand, just grab the next lightest dumbbell, that's no problem at all. Muscles have to be built up step by step and you have to give yourself and your body that time.

It's best to get a small selection of neoprene dumbbells for your home. Alternatively, you can also use water bottles.

Neoprene dumbbell on stone

First of all: Activate a stopwatch in your field of vision.

Today we'll show you a workout for your entire upper body and how you can use the weights specifically for this. Beforehand, we'll ask you to prepare your body for the following workout and warm up.

Roll your shoulders: Stand upright with your feet about shoulder-width apart. Circle both shoulders forward for 20 seconds. To start with, keep your arms close to your body. After a few repetitions, your movement will become increasingly larger until you are finally making large circles with your arms. Then circle your shoulders backwards, again starting with small movements until they eventually become larger.

Pre-stretch: Here you are in the same starting position. Stretch both arms over your head, your hands interlocking at the highest point. Now stretch yourself up as far as possible. Hold this position for 10 seconds and then lean to the left side. Now stretch your right flank. After 10 seconds, switch sides and repeat all three stretches again.

To get your pulse going, get into a high plank on your exercise mat. Now start with easy mountain climbers . First for 30 seconds at a moderate pace and without a break, move on to 20 seconds of high speed. For this exercise, pull one knee towards your chest at a time.


We'll start with a classic way to get started: simple and effective. Stand upright with your feet shoulder-width apart and your knees slightly bent.

Hold a dumbbell in each hand, bent close to your shoulder. Your palms are facing each other, your elbows are pointing forward. Now, while you exhale, press the dumbbells vertically upwards until your arms are completely stretched. Breathe in, slowly lower them again and go back to the starting position. Don't swing, tense your abdominal muscles and press your arms upwards in a controlled manner.

Duration: 40 seconds
Pause: 10 seconds


The starting position remains the same. Stand upright with your feet shoulder-width apart, legs slightly bent. Hold the dumbbells in each hand, your arms are stretched vertically upwards. The palms of your hands face each other (thumbs pointing backwards). It is particularly important that your upper arms remain calm in exactly this position. Now bend your forearms as you breathe in and lower them behind your head towards your neck until they are roughly parallel to the floor. As you breathe out, stretch your forearms upwards again in a controlled manner and repeat the exercise. Make sure that your upper arm always stays in the same position during this movement.

Duration: 30 seconds
Break: None


Before you leave this position, hold your dumbbells behind your head at the lowest point for another 20-30 seconds, depending on how long you can hold out. Simply hold statically before releasing the tension and pausing briefly. Don't forget to keep breathing evenly!

Duration: 20-30 seconds
Break: 20 seconds


Return to the starting position described above. Your arms and dumbbells are bent slightly at your sides next to your body, your thumbs pointing forwards, your palms facing inwards. Now actively pull your shoulders back and maintain this basic position. Fix your upper arms next to your upper body, and as you exhale, bend your forearms upwards at the elbow joint. But if you move them too far up towards your shoulders, the tension will ease. Challenge yourself and never go beyond this point to maintain muscle tension. Lower your forearms slowly and in a controlled manner back to your thighs and repeat this exercise.

Duration: 50 seconds
Break: 20 seconds


Get on the mat! Lie on your back on the exercise mat, tense your abdominal muscles, pressing your lower back towards the floor so that you don't arch your back. Put your feet up, knees bent at a right angle. Hold a dumbbell in each hand with an overhand grip. Now stretch your arms vertically upwards as you exhale and then slowly and in a controlled manner lower them to the respective side as you inhale, arms are now slightly bent and parallel to the floor. The upper arms are on the floor, but the weights are not put down. Now bring the dumbbells together again above your chest using the strength of your chest muscles and repeat this movement.

Duration: 40 seconds
Break: 20 seconds


To do this, stay lying on the mat, put your legs back up at an angle and press your lower back towards the floor. In each hand, hold a dumbbell with an overhand grip and fix your arms bent at a 90° angle next to your chest. Now your upper arms are on the floor and your forearms are pointing upwards. From this position, press the dumbbells vertically upwards as you exhale, making sure that you do not fully extend your arms. Bring your upper arms back towards the floor in a controlled manner, maintain the basic tension and bring your arms straight back towards the ceiling.

Duration: 40 seconds
Break: 20 seconds

Repeat this circle 3x
Don’t forget to STRETCH at the end.
Man training with neoprene dumbbell