Comparison of our fitness bands

Vergleich unserer Fitnessbänder

Are you wondering which band you should use for which exercise? We will help you decide. Here you will find a clear overview of some of the differences and the respective uses of the bands. Let's start with our absolute classic and favorite of many athletes, our mini bands.


  • The NEOLYMP mini bands: single length of 33 cm, cotton, woven, washable, ring
  • The NEOLYMP pull-up bands: single length of 103 cm, cotton, woven, washable, ring
  • The NEOLYMP Heavy Resistance Bands: single length of 103 cm, natural latex, maximum tension, ring
  • The NEOLYMP Flatbands: length of 200 cm, natural latex, open ends


The NEOLYMP mini bands

  • Exercises: Squats | Side lunges | Back lunges | Knee raises | Frog | Triceps extension | Leg raises stretched and bent and many more
  • Target muscles: abductors, trunk, abdomen, hip flexors, entire leg muscles, shoulder, chest, triceps, back extension, buttocks
  • Advantages: Fabric bands comfortable on the skin, durable and washable, optimal abdominal, leg and buttock training
NEOLYMP mini band set

The NEOLYMP pull-up bands

  • Exercises : standing rows | seated rows | push-ups | bicep curls | air squats | deadlifts and many more
  • Target muscles: back, shoulders, biceps, chest
  • Advantages: Fabric bands comfortable on the skin, high resistance, durable and washable, can be used for pull-ups

We have released our own pull-up band e-book, in which you will find many different exercises, explained in detail and much more information. When you buy one of our bands, you will receive the code and thus access to all of our e-books.

NEOLYMP pull-up band set

The NEOLYMP Heavy Resistance Bands

  • Exercises : Butterfly | Triceps Extensions | Rowing | Cross Band Pull Backs | Kickbacks | Hydrant Sidekick and many more
  • Target muscles: back, shoulders, biceps, chest
  • Advantages: maximum resistance, highest load on the muscles, can be used for pull-ups

The NEOLYMP Flatbands

  • Exercises : Warm-up | Stretching exercises | Mobilization
  • Target muscles: any muscle group
  • Advantages: large range of motion, can be used individually for all warm-up and stretching exercises, low resistance

Why a fitness band, you ask? Firstly, no other training device is as small and handy as all of these bands. You can train with them absolutely anywhere and at any time without lugging them around. And secondly, resistance bands are ideal for stretching muscles, warming them up or, depending on the resistance, for a really intensive workout. Endurance and muscle building units can be successfully completed with them. Flexible, easy on the joints and can be used by absolutely any athlete, whether beginner or professional.

A few more words about our flat bands: You may know these bands under the name “Thera-Band®”. But this is actually NOT a generic term. It is a registered company name, which is why it is not used anywhere on our website. So let's talk a little about our flat bands now. With a length of two meters, an extremely large range of motion is possible, which is hardly possible with other bands. This is an ideal way for beginners to get started, as they have a much lower resistance than our other range of bands. You also undoubtedly train your shoulder, abdominal, arm and back muscles, but in a much gentler way. This makes these bands perfect for every athlete to warm up, stretch and mobilize before training. Flat bands are usually found in physiotherapy practices. The muscles are gently rebuilt with a flat band after injuries. Now this band comes to your home and expands your training routine.

NEOLYMP Flatbands Set