Essential | The right cleaning

Essenziell | Die richtige Reinigung

It was a little quiet here in recent weeks, we must admit. However, this had to do with the arrival of some new products. Each and every one of us has done their part so that since a few days you can find an even bigger selection in our store.

In our previous blog entry about our Heavy Resistance Bands, we only briefly touched on the topic of "cleaning". Here we would like to list for you how which product is cleaned correctly. Because every material has to be treated differently. This entry will be continuously changed, extended or even reduced if necessary - depending on the product change.

In principle, we recommend to wipe our equipment very simply and hygienically with a damp cloth. If necessary, you can also use a little soap for this purpose. However, not every material reacts equally to certain agents.


Here we recommend a simple cleaning with a damp cloth. This is sufficient to get your product clean and pure. Let your equipment air dry and store it only after it is completely dry. You also have the possibility to apply talcum powder on the cleaned, dry product to get more grip.

Please never disinfect latex with disinfectant. The material will become porous, cracked and the structure will change. Do not disinfect your latex sports products so that you can train safely for a long time. If you still want to do it because of the omnipresent pandemic, use only pure alcohol from the pharmacy for this purpose.

Our products with latex: Heavy Resistance Bands, Flatbands

Acrylonitrile butadiene rubber

This material is also often abbreviated as NBR.

A damp cloth is best suited for this purpose. Clean the top and bottom carefully, choosing a squirt of a gentle detergent for more intensive cleaning if necessary. In fact, NBR does not require more love than that.

Our products with NBR: Fitness mat

Thermoplastic elastomers

People also like to abbreviate this composition as TPE.

Take a damp cloth and wipe completely over the entire mat. However, if you roll out your mat every day, the simple maintenance applications will eventually not be enough. In this case, we recommend an intensive cleaning once a quarter. But this does not mean the washing machine. ;)

Either use a purchased yoga mat spray (also available in pharmacies) for thorough cleaning or mix your own cleaning agent from organic essential oil, lukewarm water and a few drops of washing-up liquid. Rub your mat properly with the agent of your choice (let it soak in briefly if necessary), wipe the area with a damp cloth, and then dry it completely. Before rolling the mat back in, give it time to dry completely.

Please do not use vinegar on this material, even though it is known as an all-rounder.

Our products with TPE: Yoga mats 


Warm water and a mild soap are also absolutely desirable here. Do not use any aggressive or alcoholic agents that can attack the material. This way, your accessories will remain a faithful companion for a long time.

Our products with silicone: silicone dumbbells, partly pull-up bar, partly kettlebells 


Again, we recommend only a damp cloth and, if necessary, a splash of detergent. Disinfection is almost ineffective with foam, so this is not recommended.

Our products with foam: partly abdominal roller

Natural fibers and organic cotton

In this case, cleaning is hardly easier to manage: Wash your accessories at 30 degrees Celsius in your washing machine and just let them air dry afterwards.

Our products with natural fibers and organic cotton: mini bands, pull up bands, yoga belt

Polyvinyl chloride

This of course means PVC, under this name probably everyone can imagine something.

And everyone knows PVC is not vulnerable. That's great. Just take water and all-purpose cleaner and you are rid of dirt and sweat.

Our products with PVC: partly skipping rope

Natural rubber

Please do not use soap or other cleaning agents on this material, alcohol is also unsuitable. These could reduce the slip resistance. Simply moisten a cloth with warm water and clean your equipment with it. If you want to improve the smell a bit, you can also mix warm water with a few drops of fragrant oil and moisten your cloth with it. Tip: Tea tree oil, lavender, sage and chamomile have an additional disinfecting effect.

Our products with natural rubber: Professional sports floor


Chrome is a corrosion-free, tarnish-resistant, hard metal. In principle, water and a splash of washing-up liquid is sufficient for cleaning. All dirt should dissolve well with it. For a residue-free cleaning, you can also take half a lemon, rub it on the material, let it work for a short time if necessary and wipe it with a damp, clean cloth.

Our products with chrome: SZ bar, dumbbell bar, partly Olympic bar, partly combination barbell

Cast iron

Use only warm water for this purpose as well. Do not use any soap or other cleaning agents. At most a little oil and salt mixed for additional cleaning, for coarser dirt. But as a rule, warm water and a cloth are quite sufficient for this.

Our products with cast iron: partly kettlebells, dumbbells

Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene copolymer

What is this, you ask? Quite understandable, but this is simply ABS plastic.

Warm water, a little vinegar essence and a clean cloth. This will not only clean your device, but also directly disinfect it. Of course, this doesn't have to be done every time you clean. A cloth or sponge moistened with water will do just as well, but this does not provide disinfection.

Our products with ABS-plastic: push-up platform, partly abdominal roller

Styrene-butadiene rubber

In principle, we are talking here quite simply about solid rubber, also called SBR.
Water and vinegar are the two best components to clean the accessories hygienically. If you don't have vinegar at hand, just use a little citric acid. Mix the two together and then wipe your equipment with a cloth moistened with it. Simply dry off again and you are ready for the next training session. We do not recommend a separate disinfection to protect the material. 

Our product with SBR rubber: Bumper Plates  

Acupressure mat

You can easily remove the covers of the mat and cushion. Then turn them inside out and wash them by hand with a little sensitive detergent. The inner parts, i.e. the organic buckwheat in the pillow and the coconut fibers in the mat, are simply put out into the fresh air. There you air both parts well and also let the covers air dry in the same place.   

Carrying bag

Please do not wash our carrier bag in the washing machine. Just use a damp cloth and wipe it. The special coating of our bag makes it easy to clean without leaving any residue.

A note to you:

No one runs in the same running shoes for ten years - you keep replacing them in between. A fitness or yoga mat, just like our athletic shoes, is a commodity. They too wear out over time, that's completely normal and unavoidable. Cleanings are great, but they don't perform miracles. Every now and then you can really treat yourself to a new sports accessory. ;)