Our classics | NEOLYMP fitness bands

Unsere Klassiker | NEOLYMP Fitnessbänder

In the last few posts we have written a lot about our new products. But what about the classics? The pull-up bands, for example, or our mini bands? Yes, of course they still exist. We would never want to be without these all-rounders. The bands are small, handy, easy to transport, incredibly versatile, really easy to store and let's be honest, this is amazing: they are machine washable. Should we count more?

Now follow a few personal words from me. From the person who has been taking you along on the blog for the past few months.
»I was at the very beginning of my sporting journey and wanted to try something new. One single training session with it and I knew: bring it on, I need it. I have been training every day for two years now and now incredibly hard. I can tell you from my own experience that you don't always need the big guns to achieve something. My bands come with me on every holiday, even if I'm only away for one night - they're with me. Why? I do sport anyway and the bands intensify my training, without any effort. Of course, I have to use more strength. ;) But of course I didn't mean that effort. You always have the ideal equipment with you, everywhere. I don't want to say that you can't do without it - not at all. Nevertheless, it is the perfect addition for me. After all, I don't always take all my equipment with me everywhere. At home, I regularly and alternately use everything my home gym has to offer. But when I travel, I only take a mat and my bands with me. That's enough to be happy.«

We at NEOLYMP are your partner in all things fitness. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support! Without you there would be no NEOLYMP.

And now finally get your fitness bands , it's time! :)

Man training with pull-up band
NEOLYMP pull-up bands set